The Sacramental World View

“Heaven and earth are filled with the glory of God.”

Catholics know that God is everywhere. This is the sacramental world view. From each small blade of grass to the tallest tree on top of the tallest mountain — all carry the glory of God. From the tiniest unborn babe to the oldest person alive, the saints in heaven and the souls in purgatory — all carry the image of God.        

There is a spiritual reality that transcends the physical reality that we can see, touch, and feel. Faith is not subservient to science. It is not a superstitious belief that precedes the true “knowing” of science. The reality, the truth of God, goes beyond science. It is more than science. Its truth lives in the soul – the part of us that science can’t master or reduce. Faith is not opposed to science. How could the Spirit that IS truth be counter to the physical reality it holds in being? It cannot.

Both reason (science) and faith are needed for a full picture of who we are as human beings and who God is – God whose very nature is to be, the great I AM.

God, and the people God sustains in love, have always used the things of earth, physical matter, to image these spiritual transcendental realities. This is sacrament – things of earth used to show actual change brought about by GRACE, the life of God. Water washes – and the person is born of Spirit. Rings and words make promises — and two become one. Oil anoints the body — and the Holy Spirit fills the soul. Bread and wine, humble and sustaining, become the very stuff of God, the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus, salvation held in the palms of our hands.

This is the Catholic way. This is the way of Christ who used the objects of everyday life to teach, to heal, and to cleanse souls. We know the fuller reality because he knows our earthly truths.

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