A Lesson in Humility

READ A BOOK Katy Hudson’s The Golden Acorn follows Squirrel for his favorite event of the year, the Golden Acorn Hunt. And Squirrel loves to win! But there’s a catch this year, he has to compete as part of a team. A team? But Squirrel is the fastest acorn hunter of them all! Can Squirrel […]

A Lesson in Hospitality

READ A BOOK This fun picture book in rhyme shows us hospitality in action, a theme repeated in many Bible stories. A friendly witch and her cute cat are out for a ride when a gusty wind causes them to drop item after item. Does she have room on her broom to include all the […]

A Back-to-School Lesson in Kindness

READ A BOOK The Buddy Bench, written by Patty Brozo and published this year, is a new story about an older idea that has made a difference for many children. Every playground has children who are lonely, children with disabilities, children who don’t fit in, children who are feeling sad or angry. Daily life is […]