A Lesson in Thanksgiving

READ A BOOK Thanks for Thanksgiving isn’t a story of the Pilgrims’ shared feast. It’s a celebration of many things that inspire gratitude. It’s also an opportunity– a colorful, fun way to remind our children that we have lots to be thankful for. This book doesn’t tell us whom we should be thanking. That’s up […]

Books for Advent and Christmas

Does your child know the story of the birth of Jesus Christ? Advent is the four weeks leading up to Christmas, a time of waiting. This season gives us plenty of time to share some books – and our faith. The books I’ve recommended below contain wonderful re-tellings of the Christmas story. Cuddle up with some […]

A Lesson in Humility

READ A BOOK Katy Hudson’s The Golden Acorn follows Squirrel for his favorite event of the year, the Golden Acorn Hunt. And Squirrel loves to win! But there’s a catch this year, he has to compete as part of a team. A team? But Squirrel is the fastest acorn hunter of them all! Can Squirrel […]

A Lesson on the Saints

READ A BOOK Saintly Rhymes for Modern Times is a collection of mini-poems, one for each of the saints profiled. Each saint is presented in such a way as to make their challenges and their strengths relevant to modern life. These saints, who showed such heroic virtue, can help us and our kids deal with […]

A Lesson in Hospitality

READ A BOOK This fun picture book in rhyme shows us hospitality in action, a theme repeated in many Bible stories. A friendly witch and her cute cat are out for a ride when a gusty wind causes them to drop item after item. Does she have room on her broom to include all the […]

A Lesson on Saint Francis of Assisi

READ A BOOK The Circle of Days by Reeve Lindbergh; Illustrated by Cathie Felstead. This delightful picture book is a great way to celebrate the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi on October 4. With simple words and beautiful illustrations Saint Francis’ prayer of praise to God for all of creation comes alive for […]

A Lesson In Trying Again

READ A BOOK After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again by Dan Santat. It’s about time we find out what happened to Humpty after his great fall. At first it’s not pretty, but we learn along with the famous egg that good things happen to those who keep on trying. This cracked […]

A Back-to-School Lesson in Kindness

READ A BOOK The Buddy Bench, written by Patty Brozo and published this year, is a new story about an older idea that has made a difference for many children. Every playground has children who are lonely, children with disabilities, children who don’t fit in, children who are feeling sad or angry. Daily life is […]

A Lesson in Cooperation

READ A BOOK Linus the Little Yellow Pencil is not just about a yellow pencil. It’s also about Ernie and how Linus and Ernie manage to create something really big together. First comes conflict and feeling small, but this engaging story models the benefits of cooperation and how two very different creatures can work together, […]


LET’S READ Remarkably You is a fun frolic through all the things that make you remarkable – and absolutely you. With engaging rhyme accompanied by art that lifts the heart, this book is one you will want to own and read aloud often. Every child – and indeed every person — needs to hear this […]