Let’s share faith by reading children’s books!

There’s lots of ways to help your child know God. As a Catholic, I believe the Church is the best way to accomplish that (despite the repeated sinfulness of its human members). Scripture, Tradition, and the sacraments, shared in a community of believers, help us become the people we were created to be, both here on earth and in the hereafter.

I’d like to suggest one more way to share faith –

a really simple and easy way.

In fact, it’s something you’re probably already doing:

reading books with your children.

You already know that reading to and with your kids is very, very good for them. But did you realize that each story you share with your children is also expanding their spiritual reality?

Each story of good triumphing over evil and love winning over hate reminds us of the love God has for each of us, unconditional and eternal. Even the scary characters and unhappy endings help children face their fears. The story events happen inside a book instead of real life, which allows children to cope with fear and anxiety from a safe vantage point.

Through the stories we read, our children will learn about right and wrong, good and evil, love and selfishness, discipline and desire. Whether fiction or non-fiction, history or science, set in fantasy or every-day life — all stories can open hearts to the Gospel. Books 4 Catholic Kids aims to help by providing a “lesson” for each great children’s book we share!

Some of the books we profile are religious in nature; many are not. In each book we seek the Beautiful, the Good and the True. Each lesson can be a starting point for faith sharing and talking about the things that matter most. Each is a way to get to know God: Father, Son, and Spirit. Each is a way for you to share your values and your heritage with your children. 

Let’s get reading!